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Re: Discussion about migration

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Well, that's a tragedy, to die of hunger, she wanted to get back to the nest and she didn't make it :cry: .
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Re: Discussion about migration

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marika.solo wrote: 01 Aug 2023, 13:36 JOLA
- died in the evening 29.07 because hunger (300 m to the north from the nest).
No evidence confirming the cause of Jola's death.
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Re: Discussion about migration

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Iwona wrote: 01 Aug 2023, 18:41
true, without necropsy we don't know

"Niestety złe wieści. Szukaliśmy Joli od soboty, odnaleziona dziś martwa, Prawdopodobnie padła wieczorem 29.07 z głodu 300 m na NE od gniazda. Nie podjęła migracji. 27.07 poleciała 3,5 km ale wróciła." (Dariusz Anderwald)

"Unfortunately, bad news. We've been looking for Jola since Saturday, found dead today, She probably died of hunger in the evening of July 29, 300 m NE from the nest. She didn't start the migration. On July 27 she flew 3.5 km but she came back." (Dariusz Anderwald)

I corrected my post about Jola
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Re: Discussion about migration

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- last seen on the nest on 18.07 at 15.13 (all storklets flew in hurry out - young people walked under the nest), Darek and Stefan never returned to the nest (age: only about 72 days old)
- 22.07 morning info: Stefan and Darek, are together 35 km W from the nest. They spent the night in an old mixed forest so/db/bk in the Sulęcin Forest District. They flew together
- 22.07 evening info: Darek set off today at 8:00 and by 16:00 he made a trip towards the NE to the Warta River and then turned back towards the SW and landed at some small ponds near the village of Bledzew. Stefan was with Darek at least until 10 o'clock, but he did not connect and more is still unknown. Everything seems fine though.

- FB info (23.07): It turns out that two very young (about 73-74 days) black storks from the Bolewice Forestry started their hike and for the first two days they are staying together. After being flown from the nest 18.07 by people, each of them flew elsewhere: Stefan 1.5km on the SW, Darek as far as 3.0km on the SW. Rather lonely they wandered around the surrounding forests and learned how to get food on the wetlands and numerous streams at Obszarze Natura2000 Jeziora Pszczewskiei Dolina Obry.
They met rather by accident only after three days 21.07 at the fishing ponds near Trzciel, over 7 km from the nest! Then they turned together on the N and at 12:00 they got into a chimney with warm air over a large field, gained heights (1140 m above sea level - irrespective of h) and flew 35 km west with one long slide. They also spent the second day together and did reconnaissance on the N towards Warta, to return again to the S by Obra. I am sure their paths will cross soon. For now, however, the siblings have spent the night together and are gaining new experiences without parental care.

- 23.07 midday: Darek and Stefan left overnight place at 3:00 a.m. They foraged on small shallow ponds for 2.5 h and from 6:45 WENT further NW. At 10:00 they crossed the Warta River near Gorzow Wlkp.
- 23.07 evening: stork Darek is already 10 km from Szczecin after the former Polish-German border crossing in Kołbaskowo. He spends the night in Poland, 400m from the border
- 24.07 morning: 1/ Stefan and Darek's paths diverged yesterday. Darek near Szczecin, Stefan has changed direction to the SE and is in the vicinity of Nietoperk and later: 2/ Since yesterday morning, July 23, the siblings' paths have parted. Darek reached the former border crossing in Kołbaskowo, Stefan stayed in the vicinity of Bledzew
- 24.07 evening: Darek - unknown today's location so far.
- 26.07 midday: Darek - we haven't contact.
- 01.08: "We were also looking for Darek near the Polish-German border. There's no trace, but stork probably died on the power line, because that's where the trail ends." (D.A.)

Birds can be electrocuted if they come into contact with two energized parts of a power line at once - which can happen when they spread their wings to take off from or land on a power pole.

New study: How to stop birds from getting electrocuted by and colliding with power lines across the EU ... ss-the-eu/

Electrocutions & Collisions of Birds in EU Countries: The Negative Impact & Best Practices for Mitigation ... s-NABU.pdf

Quick Guidance Preventing Electrocution on Birds ... -on-birds/

VIDEO Dr. Chrstian Sasse: Bird electrocution by power lines with Rick Harness (Streamed live on 17 Aug 2022)
Raptors and other wildlife are electrocuted by power lines more often than one might think. Following media coverage of the death of the fledgling Junior (link below), we discuss the problem of accidental wildlife electrocution with Rick Harness, a wildlife biologist who has worked extensively on the problem of avian electrocution.
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Re: Discussion about migration

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I mourn this loss very much, :(
fly high little ones
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Re: Discussion about migration

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lonely young black storks (hatched 2023) and migration
(in comments to this post ... 502248598/)

Iwona Frąckiewicz
Nadal sam?😒 Czy jest w stanie rozpocząć migrację samodzielnie, bez innych bocianów "przewodników"?
Połowa IX to jeszcze nie jest aż tak bardzo późno, jest duże prawdopodobieństwo że tak 🙂

Still on its own?😒 Is it able to start the migration on its own, without other stork 'guides'?
Mid IX isn't that far off yet, there's a good chance it will be 🙂

Fede Weders
Ciekawe kiedy wyruszy w podróż na zimowisko 😊🤔
Oto jest pytanie! Gdyby miał towarzystwo innych bocianów, to byłby już gdzieś na Węgrzech lub w Rumunii. Czekamy na jego decyzję 🙂

I wonder when he'll be off on his wintering journey 😊🤔
That is the question! If he had the company of other storks, he would already be somewhere in Hungary or Romania. We are waiting for his decision 🙂
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